Praise God for the ability to be on the ground and to be part of ‘my’ children’s lives.

10369144_782601508494853_844915759990783928_nAmina S (in the front in the purple) had been depressed and after talking with Hosiana our social worker, who counselled Amina, the issue was discovered and Amina returned to her normal happy nature.

Elina (at the rear in the orange top) is now attending a tuition center, whereas last year she was attending a private school but was struggling with her studies. Elina is responding positively to being at the tuition center, as she is receiving one on one tuition.

Please pray for Yustar (standing next to Elina), whose grandmother died recently due to an illness.





“Look how high I can jump!” Atusajile enjoys skipping!

Atusajile is a sweet girl, with a gentle spirit. She always smiles when I embrace her with a hug.