Thanks Darlene for bringing crafts supplies for the children!

Amina S, Yustar and Stela drawing a chalk game and playing the game.


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Today Elina, Kelvin and Sarafina practised some of the English they have been learning since the start of February.

Elina spoke in English and Kelvin translated into Kiswahili so the other children could understand. Then Sarafina spoke in English and Kelvin translated, afterwards they swapped and Kelvin spoke in English and Sarafina translated into Kiswahili.

I am so proud of these students and how they are progressing!

Thank you to their sponsors for allowing them this opportunity to learn English.

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Thanks so much Darlene for the crafts supplies!

The children absolutely loved drawing today and being creative! No one wanted to miss out and they all had a piece of paper. They were surprised that I would allow them to draw anything they wanted. I was keen to see their creativity.

Amina S and Samira are excellent at drawing and I want them to design something for the classroom.

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Sekela’s idea was great! To place the children’s paintings on one of the walls in the conservatory. The children were so proud to see their paintings hung up.

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