Praise God today went well with the Cook Island cooking!

The menu: Marinated fish, Banana po’ke, Chicken chop suey, Rice, Pineapples, Papaya and Watermelon.

Normally Tanzanian’s don’t like uncooked food but they enjoyed the taste of the marinated fish.

The banana po’ke wasn’t up to standard as I couldn’t purchase arrowroot powder or corn starch as a substitute.

For the chop suey I couldn’t find vermicelli but it was fine without it.

Sekela cooked the rice using firewood and charcoal.

I had several helpers: Ulibano the youngest is only five and he assisted by washing all the fruit and vegetables. Aneth, Christopher, Daima, Sarafina and Sikujua; senior students were the main helpers with preparation and cooking.

A big thank you to Sarafina who was there when I arrived and when I left!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the food and the older helpers had two servings!


Christopher is excellent at cutting pineapple, while Neema and Ulibano observe


Sikujua is the first to use the gas oven and Sekela checking out the Chicken chop suey


Daima cooking Chicken chop suey in a very smoky kitchen with firewood and charcoal. I had to stand at the door to get air!


Aneth, Christopher and Sarafina cutting the pineapples, papaya and watermelon while Ulibano looks on.


Aneth and Christopher removed the lemon pips from the marinated fish. Christopher is adding, onions, capsicum, tomatoes and coconut cream to the marinated fish.


Daima placing the Banana Po’ke into the heated coconut cream


Sarafina dicing the tomatoes for the Marinated fish


Food preparations underway by Christopher, Sikujua and Sarafina


Sekela explained to all the children about the new gas oven and that only the older children would be able to enter the kitchen, due to cooking with firewood and charcoal and gas and the potential danger.

Sekela gave the opportunity for all the children to check out the new gas oven. Afterwards we prayed for God’s provision and His blessing upon the new gas oven.

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