Thanks to Hosiana our social worker, who talked to the children about the correct way to handle the kittens.

The female kitten is called Angel and the male one is called Jerry. We nearly had Tom and Jerry but thought Angel was better for a female:)

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All the children love drawing!!! I love to see them engaging in something they love to do!

Here the children are drawing a picture of their choice that relates to the story of Passover as we will be going through this on Saturday.

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Coming from the West I definitely take things for granted …… Here the purchase of a gas oven has already made a positive impact on the life of Sekela and the children!

Previously water was boiled over either charcoal or firewood but now water is boiled on the gas stove and is boiled very quickly!

Thanks to the donor who contributed funds towards the purchase of the oven. Please know that Sekela, the children and I are extremely grateful for all the contributions we receive!

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