To Jesus be the glory! Today I am very proud of our children!

We read through the Passover story in Exodus 12:1-30. They were very much involved. Last Wednesday they drew different pictures relating to the Passover story and today they stood up with their pictures when it was referred to in the Scripture passage.

Most of the children had Bibles and read two verses each. Eleven cross reference Scriptures were given to specific children and they read the Scriptures when I advised them to.

I explained to them about yeast and how this represents sin in the Bible. We took the opportunity to pray and ask Jesus for forgiveness and to help us repent from our sins.

We had two of the males who were the first born sons in their families and they stood up.

Although the Scripture passage was long, the children interacted well and they were very patient.

We concluded with several worship songs and prayer for those children who wanted prayer.

I praise Jesus for He is the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!10984838_823796884375315_7936685187160332932_n 11000264_823796947708642_2442715726427929349_n 11071462_823796817708655_7343864691563933076_n 11133670_823796827708654_3569892059719051222_n

To Jesus be the glory for Stephen and Amani Liondo of YWAM Mbeya! Who came today and translated my message, assisted with the children and taught the children a new song.

I thank God for our partnership in the Gospel.

Please pray for Stephen and Amani as directors of YWAM Mbeya, that they will see God’s provision in their lives.

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Angel and Jerry our recent addition to the orphan center are settling in very well! They love their new sofa and are happy to share it with anyone who wants to sit next to them or to have a nap.

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