I thank God for my friends Julie and Pauline, from New Zealand, who are volunteering here for three months! I thank Him for their willingness to come and serve here and the abilities He has given them.

Today they both came to the center and interacted very well with the children. Pauline, a previous Montessori teacher and Julie showed the children how to make a flower from a toilet roll. I loved their creativity and their ability to have the children engaged so quickly.11416328_860803934007943_1918999908018148436_o 1425498_860803757341294_1635758852611001901_o 11111067_860803494007987_10760059316545588_o 10849046_860804237341246_5651163824855946825_o 11236487_860803490674654_1057460883202660061_o 11412249_860804097341260_5106101720322614684_o 11406662_860803600674643_1894643395786867648_o

Very humbling to see a handful of the children pray for Julie and Pauline.

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