Now that the new toilet and pit is completed, we have progressed to another much needed project – a new water tank!

Unfortunately the water gets cut-off every day, so the ability to store water is necessary for the toilet, the kitchen and any other needs we may require.

Before the rainy season starts in November, we will consider how we can maximise the use of the rain to meet our water needs

This project will cost $250 USD, if you are willing to support this project please view:

and under “Note” field enter For Water Tank project.

As always thank you for your financial and prayer support for the projects undertaken at the center.

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Thanks to Pauline for the idea to build a small cart for the crayons, pencils, colouring pencils, paints etc.

Today Kelvin constructed a small cart and was happy with his end product and the new beanie he received from Julie and Pauline.

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Great to see Julie with our secondary students who receive English tuition at the center!

Julie was teaching them to say “cheese” instead of “ndizi”.