To introduce a little taste of Maori culture to the children in the Center, we made 12 sets of basic Maori poi using wool, recycled plastic bags and strings. Pauline plaited three different colours of wool to make the cords. We taught them to dance with the poi accompanied by the song “Jesus Loves Me”. Kelvin, one of the oldest children explained to them the meaning of the song.

Pauline spent some time with Neema revising the pronouns she learnt a few days ago. Neema has an amazing smile on her face. It’s not all work and no play. Pauline blew some bubbles with a few of them, filling laughter in the air. Julie swaying with Ibrahim from borrowed neighbour’s music during dinner time.11741164_872977899457213_6317796544317451501_o 11221333_872978032790533_2068532138349980253_o 11696496_872978522790484_8136438679502683709_o 11219451_872977499457253_3789156744557189635_o 11163480_872978642790472_6821323427669401333_o 11143594_872977692790567_4831685385436289759_o

Pivotal to this ministry is foremost prayer support and followed by financial support!

We are so thankful to all our sponsors who provide financial support for our 31 children and Sekela, who is a widow!

We currently have 1 student who now has no sponsor/s – Aneth and 5 students including Aneth, who need to have more than one sponsor – Daima, Dicksoni, Isaya and Stela.

Please would you prayerfully consider providing prayer and financial support to one of these students?

For more details about each child, please view:

To sponsor a child, Sekela or one of our team members, please view:…/naomi-ruth-bread-of-life-orph…

With sincerest thanks


Daima’s 17th birthday recently






Aneth sharing a Bible verse with Daima for her birthday



Dicksoni reciting a Scripture verse


Stela is on the right against the wall


Isaya with Sekela