The lovely hand crafted drums for the Outreach performances have arrived. Sekela and the children were extremely excited and cannot wait to lay hands on them. The smell of the goat skin on the drums is still quite strong and needs to be dried in the sun thoroughly before use. Meantime they were all happy to pose with it. Enjoy the photos.

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We miss you, Maara. We missed you so much that we used playdough to mould the endearing words to express it. Have a marvelous time in New Zealand and Australia. We eagerly await your return. Love, Children of the Naomi Ruth Bread of Life Center.

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For activity last week, Pauline made playdough for the children. Using their creative streak, each child was engrossed in molding his/her favorite object and proudly showing off the finished product. They also shared their ideas with each other. They enjoyed it so much they decided to make A to Z on the following day.

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