It was time for a cooking session with the girls. Pauline taught them how to cook two Malaysian treats, banana fritters (a sweet dessert) and onion/vegetable fritters (savoury snack) which uses simple ingredients available in Mbeya. Previously she has cooked them for Sekela and the children. Sekela liked them and wanted to learn how to make them before Pauline and Julie leaves for New Zealand in two weeks time.

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Motivated by Jesus, our bright and morning star, Pauline and Julie taught the children how to make origami modular pointed stars. Each child was taught to fold a point and decorate it. Then all the points were joined together to form a star. Sarafina taught the late comers how to make them and Stela was keen to connect them together to form a star. Pauline also took the opportunity to teach them colours in English. They were amazed with the finished products.

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A month ago, Pauline and Julie bought a piece of white cloth and got the children to create a mural which titled “Naomi Bread of Life Orphan Centers – August 2015”. It is a representation of all the children attending the Center at this time showing their creativity and drawing skills. In future, they can look at the mural again and reflect how they have grown. Kelvin hung it up on the wall and the children gladly posed for a group photo with it on 23 August 2015.

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