Today we farewelled Julie and Pauline, who have been volunteering at the center for the last 10 weeks!

I thank God for their willingness to come and be the hands and feet of Jesus and to use their abilities, for His glory and honour!

They have served Sekela and the children by assisting with shopping, teaching the children arts and crafts and then accompanying a song in English, teaching Sekela and the older students how to cook, showing them how to plant.

Julie has assisted me with greatly with reporting and spreadsheeting and standing for me in while I was on vacation for 6 weeks!

Three of the older students wrote and sung a song specifically for Julie and Pauline and thanked God for their help. A number of the children read Scripture verses to encourage Julie and Pauline.

Joel shared a message from Joshua 1 and encouraged them to be bold and courageous as they return to New Zealand.

They were urged to return to Tanzania, their second home!

I pray Numbers 6:24-26 over their lives as they leave later this week and return to New Zealand.


A day I have been waiting for, finally arrived! It was so good to see Sekela and the children! After we farewelled Julie and Pauline, three of the older students sang a song they had written to welcome me back after my six weeks of vacation.

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