Update – September 27, 2015

I want to be in the photo….. The children love the opportunity to have their photos taken and to view them straight away! I never tire of seeing their beautiful smiles and gorgeous faces!

Update – September 26, 2015

A masterpiece out of modelling clay! Thanks Allie for bringing the modelling clay, the children love the opportunity to be creative!

Update – September 23, 2015

Please pray for Neema who today has a high temperature and is complaining of sore eyes and feet. It’s so sad to see her helpless today, particularly after her birthday celebration at the weekend. Oh my it’s amazing how much fun two beach balls can bring!...

Update September 21, 2015

  Yesterday we celebrated Neema’s 6th birthday! She looked like a beautiful princess. It was such a wonderful blessing to have one of her sponsors here to celebrate Neema’s birthday! Also to have our directors Henry and Darlene and our fellow team...