Thank you to the donor who gave funds specifically to purchase books!

A few of the books have jigsaw puzzles in them and the children were having so much fun with the jigsaw puzzles. While other students were happy to read.

Now I will need to change my office to accommodate a small library.

Asante sana, Mungu akubariki! Thank you very much, God bless you!12068517_918949751526694_1331947918493964730_o 12068781_918949611526708_3161839005501389734_o 12080197_918949581526711_7992266291588739163_o 12094972_918949704860032_3226448217913858752_o 11222322_918949598193376_5403362444912543512_o 12095033_918949748193361_2800893687900659003_o 12120082_918949821526687_4586854674118995896_o