Today we celebrated Amina’s 9th birthday and she looked gorgeous in her new dress!

Thanks to Christopher, Elina and Sarafina who baked and iced two cakes.

I shared with her a few Scriptures about courage as she is a girl who displays courage and also determination, good characteristics that will carry her through her life.

A few of the children too shared Scriptures to encourage and bless Amina with.

To sponsor this precious girl, please view:

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I’m always humbled when I see the children on their knees praying. Here they are praying for a volunteer who is due to arrive on Thursday from New Zealand and will be ministering for two weeks. This will be his first time to Tanzania.

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Thank you for your prayers for Neema who was sick for a week recently! Today I thought she was the birthday girl, with her beautiful dress and beaming smile!