Pranav, you have left a lasting impression on our children particularly the boys who have so loved your interaction with them. I thank God that you came to be the hands and feet of Jesus and shared His love with our precious children. May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you.11259892_929510317137304_3735276651424537254_o 12191297_929510303803972_5167195813776450215_o 12184148_929876763767326_5352254958932001523_o 12184235_929510423803960_1818701041715408100_o 12187970_929876907100645_7714161294064258725_o 12194718_929876883767314_2032357054236750188_o 10708597_929510343803968_7369891174819506686_o 11116363_929876767100659_7877334511692982063_o

Sandra, bless you for coming to the center on Saturday and saying farewell to Pranav and interacting beautifully with our children. Your interaction with the younger children is such a blessing! I thank God your beautiful voice and the ability to teach the children a song in English. May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you!

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