Last Wednesday was an opportunity to have fun! The children had a choice of doing jigsaw puzzles, colouring in or making rubber band bracelets. The colouring books were a hit and most of the children opted to colour in!

They had so much fun, they played into the early evening and we had to tell them to go home! I love it when the children are having fun and don’t want to leave the center!12238049_937810596307276_1870899961637029775_o 12240230_937810416307294_9213838165635188171_o 12244650_937810482973954_242227027176688405_o 12247699_937810672973935_2015201890158082052_o 12248005_937810689640600_8558561778231510781_o 12265830_937810336307302_4149930517463671025_o 12265965_937810682973934_5574325379085054434_o 12244620_937810292973973_4092530433454960255_o 12244583_937810526307283_5098370575742463616_o 12232933_937810479640621_4474840711895077835_o 12244743_937810326307303_6902830740274268031_o


I forgot that it’s not easy to buy shoes here, particularly when I need 24 pairs! The shoes are separated from their pair and there are no labels advising where you can locate the correct sizes. It took about 2.5 – 3 hours to buy 24 pairs of shoes.

However, at the conclusion of my purchase I did thank the shop owner and assistant for their assistance and rewarded them with a drink of soda.


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