Extremely thankful to God for His provision through the director of a private school and a sponsor from New Zealand, who is paying the school fees and other school related expenses for ten of our students to attend a private school!

Yesterday four of the children’s relatives came and a message was given by a pastor on our board to the students and their relatives. The students were prayed for by Pastor Clement, Sekela and myself.

I am so proud of our students. Please pray that they will have the capacity to learn in English and that they will transition well from a government school to a private school.1293043_960374344050901_2921960967147078091_o 12496405_960374337384235_1456212049128307052_o 10580745_960374234050912_359358000562891704_o 921427_960374034050932_3181606384840177269_o 12419196_960374167384252_3950933309224727202_o 12465950_960374120717590_3588911387735713710_o 12493985_960374020717600_2675938715604293997_o 12493985_960374180717584_2289862288575886089_o 12471686_960373867384282_8990256794906066431_o 12489446_960373870717615_1854934298378621351_o 12493990_960373847384284_667511936097733762_o