Thanking God for Erin from Hawaii, who has been at the center over the last two and a half weeks! Sekela, our children and I have blessed as Erin has used her talents to serve us and to bring glory and honour to Jesus!

Our classroom has been transformed, it is now painted with two colours and Erin has included two verses from Psalm 118.

Erin shared her testimony and based on this shared a Bible story and undertook an activity with the children.

Our younger children were given crayons from Hawaii, that would normally be thrown away! What a great message on recycling and our children were so blessed as they were able to take them home!

Thank you Erin for being the hands and feet of Jesus and using your talents for His glory! Sekela, our children and I have been extremely blessed by your visit. May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you and guide on your adventure!

With all our love
Sekela, Maara and our children

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