We thank God for Joanna from New Zealand who is currently visiting us at the center! The younger children enjoyed Joanna reading to them and illustrating the noises that various animals make!

As per normal Sekela, our children and I prayed for our visitors. At the end of the day, Joanna prayed for each child.

I am so thankful for all our visitors who come to the center but it’s extremely special when visitors are from New Zealand 🙂

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Yesterday we celebrated Vaileth’s 20th birthday, who looked absolutely stunning! It was a blessing to have two of her aunts come and celebrate with us!

I thank God for Vaileth’s life and the purposes and plans He has her for life. We are excited to see how God will lead, after
Vaileth completes the current semester.

As always it’s a blessing to see our children share Scripture verses when one of us is celebrating our birthday.

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