Yesterday we celebrated the lives of three of our precious children!

Sarafina is now 16 years old and is in form 3 at a private school. In February her position in her form was 5 out of 85 students. Sarafina studies hard and desires either to be a soldier or a gynaecologist. To sponsor this young woman please view:

Skola is now 9 years old and is in standard three. She lives with her grandmother, who came to the birthday celebration. To sponsor this precious girl, please view:

Nelsoni our youngest child is now 4 years old! He loved the attention yesterday and was absolutely delighted with his new clothes he received from the center and from one of our recent visitors. Nelsoni lives with his sister Stela, who also attends the center and they live with their aunt, who joined in the birthday celberations too. To sponsor this precious boy, with one of the most beautiful smiles, please view:


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