Thanking God for the caregivers of our children! Most of our children live with either their aunt or grandmother and we have one young man who lives with his grandfather.

It’s always a pleasure to see the caregivers come and visit us at the center. and to attend a birthday celebration of the child under their care.

May the Lord Jesus bless these women and man, who are truly thankful for God’s provision for all who support this ministry.13244264_1051581268263541_962434243289881457_o 13239996_1051580964930238_4541186851177160839_n 13227649_1051580961596905_7362535275620933080_o 13254639_1051581188263549_4176699765875317977_o 13301501_1051581041596897_6013213505564689023_o 13244002_1051581201596881_4731876591296551491_o 13233025_1051581114930223_3568870540752426942_n 13245397_1051581064930228_4026663399995982693_n 13267902_1051581124930222_4053686673380094311_n