A warm welcome to our newest child at the center, Hilda. She is a relative of one our other children. Hilda joined in the song and dance to welcome her. Two of our students welcomed Hilda. Please pray that Hilda will settle in quickly and that the rest of the children will make her feel welcome.14068497_1117624638325870_4341044648742841023_o 14115544_1117624764992524_5845270867118049959_o 14107639_1117624784992522_1744243536239917701_o 14124279_1117624758325858_5253072918287274861_o

Today three of our primary students who are learning English at the center, gave us a presentation in English while one student translated. Two students read a couple pages from a book, one translated in Kiswahili the story read and then each student spoke on a specific subject in English. I am proud of our students who have made progress since they started learning English a year ago.

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