September 2016 Sponsor Letter

Dear Sponsors Blessings in Jesus! We thank God for your support through sponsorship and prayers! Thank you for the important role you have in our children’s lives and the impact your support is having on them! We continue to pray for you on a regular basis. Sekela,...

Update – September 30, 2016

Thanking God for my directors Henry and Darlene, who brought a team to minister to Sekela, our children, pastors, church leaders, churches and to share the Gospel with our neighbors and in the village of Kyela! To Jesus be the glory for all He did through this...

Update – September 24, 2016

A blessed last day for the team visiting from Hawaii and Israel. The children received a teddy bear from a very generous donor. To God be the glory

Update – September 21, 2016

Meet the male team members that are ministering to Sekela, our children and to churches and the community in Mbeya, along with my director Darlene, Alethia and Carrie. My director Henry, Pastor Piniel (driver and translator from Arusha) and Pastor Leon from Hawaii....

Update – September 20, 2016

Thanking God for our children and their help as they placed rice into a small bag. We have a total of 195 bags ready to go out this weekend into homes near the orphan center. Please pray for us as we go out and share the love of Jesus with our neighbors!