Absolutely delighted with my two gorgeous visitors today at home, on New Year’s day!

New Year’s Eve celebration part 1! We started with re-doing the handprints that were originally placed in September 2016! We will need our visitors to return to place their hand prints on the outside wall of the classroom!



New Year’s Eve celebrations part 2!

Last week our children were advised to think of five things that they were personally thankful to God for in 2016. We started with and shared the reading of Psalm 136 and then everyone was given an opportunity to write down on large sheets of paper and chalkboard their items of thanksgiving! It was a hive of activity and everyone was fully engaged in sharing their gratitude to God!

Celebrating the Lord’s supper!

An announcement was made last week that we would be celebrating the Lord’s supper and for us to prepare our hearts before we partook of communion.

A reminder was given that only those who knew Jesus personally and accepted Him as Lord and Saviour, were to partake of communion.

Verses were read from 1 Corinthians 11:23-34a. We looked back and remembered Jesus’ death on the Cross and His resurrection and we look forward to His return, when He comes to take His bride home!



In preparation for four of our secondary students returning to school next Wednesday, they were prayed for and were given their school supplies including uniforms. Three students have the privilege of going boarding. Please pray for all four students that they will seize the opportunity afforded them and that they will study hard and improve in their exams this coming year.

New Year’s Eve celebrations!

Our celebrations were completed as Sekela and our children received practical gifts of small clothing items and items for hygiene!

Sekela and our children are blessed beyond words! Thank you to all our sponsors who support this ministry through finances and prayers! May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you!