Dear Sponsors,

Blessings in Jesus!

We do thank God for your support through sponsorship and prayers! Thank you for the important role you have in our children’s lives and the impact your support is having on them! We continue to pray for you on a regular basis.

As always we have so much to be extremely thankful for! We thank God for your financial support and for other donors who provide funds specifically for projects or for special items!

On Christmas eve we celebrated Atusagile and Christopher’s birthdays! We celebrated with dancing, singing, praying, gifts and sharing Scripture verses with Atusagile and Christopher. We also received a gift of a new ‘uniform’ and wore this at the celebration. As Hanukah occurred during this time, I shared with all those gathered about the significance of Hanukah and how Jesus is the light of the world and how we need to reflect His light to others!

We had a very busy day on New Year’s eve! We re-applied hand prints on the outside of the classroom wall; we were all engaged writing down several items that we were thankful to God for throughout last year; we commemorated communion; our secondary students received their school uniforms and supplies and Sekela and our children received practical gifts!

Along with four secondary students, our nursery and primary students started school last month and they too received new school uniforms and school supplies.

Thankful to my church in New Zealand, who gave funds to allow us to purchase school uniforms and supplies for three students, who moved to other centers a year ago but we are continuing to supply their school needs.

I am humbled by God who cares for these children in a practical way and that the children see the love of God demonstrated to them by others who care for their needs.

Please prayerfully consider coming to Tanzania and visiting us! Come and meet the child or children you are sponsoring, your life will be impacted!

I am continually reminded of the privilege to be a part of these precious children’s lives and to sow into them God’s Word and to raise them up, to be godly young men and women.

With sincerest thanks and much love in Him

Darlene and Henry Matarrita
Directors, World Mission Outreach

Maara Heather
General Manager-Director, Naomi Ruth Bread of Life
Orphan Centers