Today we read the book of Ruth, chapter by chapter. After each chapter our children wrote on the blackboard answers to the following questions:
Who were the characters? How long was Naomi in Maob? Who was Boaz? How did Boaz show kindess to Ruth? How did Boaz show kindness to Naomi? Who is the kinsman redeemer in Ch4 vs 14-15? Through this kinsman redeemer, what is the name of another kinsman redeemer that came through his family line? How is God working in each chapter?
Afterwards we prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to teach us, what we can learn from the book of Ruth and how it applies to our lives as individuals.


Games day on a public holiday. Playing snakes and ladders, colouring in, doing jigsaw puzzles, drawing with a stencil or colouring using chalk and making their mark on the concrete. Something for everyone!