Dear Sponsors,

Blessings in Jesus!

We thank God for all our sponsors support through finance and prayers! Thank you for the important role you have in Sekela and our children’s lives and the impact your support is having on them and on the center! We continue to pray for you on a regular basis.

Last month we celebrated the lives of Hilda (11), Yustar (15), Elina (18) and I.

Every month one of our board members has attended the birthday celebration. Last month it was Pastor Reuben Benson who came and shared on baptism! He will continue to teach the children on baptism, until they have a full understanding. Some of the children have been dedicated when they were younger and have confused this with baptism.

I am in the process of purchasing mattresses and blankets for our children. I learned that many of our children sleep on mats and very few have mattresses. For our younger children they were sleeping together with an older sibling or with another relative. Students who are boarding have already received mattresses and blankets, at the time of going to boarding school. The caregivers of our children and the children under their care are extremely grateful to God for their sponsors for the provision of much needed items!

Photos above: Atusajile with her older sister, Baraka with his caregiver, Dicksoni with his grandmother, Elesia with her grandmother and Hilda with her aunt.

Photos below: Ibrahim with his aunt (Elizabeth was at school while this photo was taken), Neema with her grandfather, Skola with her grandmother, Nelsoni and Stela with their aunt and Yusufu with his aunt.

We recently received a visit from a health officer from the local government office, who advised us that we need to install another toilet and drainage system for washing of dishes. We have decided too to install a permanent washing basin. The timeframe given by the health officer is June for the drainage system and July for another toilet. We were not expecting this expenditure; however, we thank God for His provision through a sponsor who made a generous donation last week that will cover the cost and more!

Three of our secondary school students will be undertaking national exams this year. Sarafina is in form 4; Rehema and Cairo are in form 2. They are all at boarding school. Please pray that they will seize the opportunity afforded them and will study hard and apply themselves.

Four of our primary school students who are in their last year of primary school, standard 7 and next year they will be starting form 1. Please pray that these students; Dicksoni, Elizabeth, Emmanuel and Hilda will study hard and apply themselves. Depending on their exam results at the end of the year, will determine whether they attend a government school or a private school next year.

Costume making by Elesia and Elina is progressing, they are enjoying putting into practice their learning of sewing at a technical institute. They will complete their course at the end of June.

Thank you for those who have been praying for Sekela’s health. She has been unwell for nearly two months now but is being restored and gaining strength day by day. Please pray that she will be completely healed and will be able to return to her normal duties.

Prayer is pivotal to this ministry! We covet your prayers, we pray for you and we also intercede for our neighbours, the city we live in, Tanzania and the nations! We pray that all people will know the true peace that only Jesus, the prince of peace, can give. We pray for people’s salvation and for the leadership of the countries we are praying for.

Thank you so much for your support through prayers and sponsorship! Please do not under-estimate the impact your support is having in the lives of Sekela, our children, their families, our neighbourhood and the wider Tanzania community!

We thank God for you and would love to meet you! Please prayerfully consider coming to Tanzania and visiting us!

With sincerest thanks and blessings,

Maara Heather
General Manager-Director, Naomi Ruth Bread of Life Orphan Centers

Darlene and Henry Matarrita
Directors, World Mission Outreac