Our children performed a play based on the Book of Ruth in the Bible. Daima was the narrator and all other children had parts to play. I think they looked great in their various costumes and performed the story well.

At the conclusion of the play based on the book of Ruth in the Bible, several of our children explained the meaning of our orphan center. Naomi represents the Jews, Ruth represents the Gentiles, Bread of Life – a physical application ie we need bread to eat and a spiritual application, Jesus is the Bread of Life and we need spiritual food; Orphan Centers – currently one orphan center, God willing in the future more orphan centers through out Tanzania.

An absolutely pleasure to celebrate Kelvin’s 19th birthday, with his aunt and one of their relatives, one of our board member’s and his wife, Sekela, our children and I! As per our tradition, the children readily share the gift of Scripture to the person whom we are celebrating their birthday!