Dear Sponsors,

Blessings in Jesus!

We thank God for all our sponsors support through finance and prayers! Thank you for the important role you have in Sekela and our children’s lives and the impact your support is having on them and on the center!We continue to pray for you on a regular basis.

Vaileth (at left), who is studying a Bachelor of Education at Mkwawa University and College of Education, in Iringais undertaking her field practice in Mbeya for three months. We are so pleased to have her with us! Vaileth continues to be a role model for all our students and will encourage them to be determined and to study hard. This coming weekend we will celebrate her 21st birthday, along with Stela, another one of our precious girls.


Elina(at right) has now completed her sewing course and for three months, will be practising on the sewing machine at the center. She knows of a tailor who has a business near her home and she will be visiting this tailor, to obtain ideas and to gain experience in sewing. At the conclusion of the three months, Elina will be given a new manual sewing machine from the center that she will need to repay the cost of, over a period of time. I have been in contact with a local bank, which has a micro-financing program and hopefully through this, Elina will obtain assistance from the bank and ideas from other entrepreneurs.


Elesia (at left) also completed the same course as Elina but I have organised for her to undertake a three month sewing course in Uyole, with a tailor who has a business primarily selling school uniforms but also sews other garments. Elesia is enjoying her course that she started over two weeks ago and is pleased to be gaining more experience. After the three months she will be teaching a few of our other children how to sew and to mend clothes and when she is proficient, will be sewing garments for us.

In preparation for an outreach in September, where Henry will preach and share the Gospel, our children are practicing three songs. One of the songs is in English and the other two songs are in Kiswahili and are from their CD recorded last year. Our children are also practicing in preaching and sharing the Gospel. It’s exciting to see these young ones, who are so passionate about Jesus and for their neighbourhood and community to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour!


The project of dividing the existing toilet room, into two rooms, one toilet for males and one toilet for females is now completed. Our younger children are enjoying using the new toilet for males and can be seen lining up in a queue waiting for their turn to use the toilet. We are thankful for God’s provision through generous donors!

Prayer is pivotal to this ministry! We covet your prayers, we pray for you and we also intercede for our neighbours, the city we live in, Tanzania and the nations! We pray that all people will know the true peace that only Jesus, the prince of peace, can give.We pray for people’s salvation and for the leadership of the countries we are praying for.

Thank you so much for your support through prayers and sponsorship! Please do not under-estimate the impact your support is having in the lives of Sekela, our children, their families, our neighbourhood and the wider Tanzania community!

We thank God for you and would love to meet you! Please prayerfully consider coming to Tanzania and visiting us!


With sincerest thanks and blessings

Maara Heather
General Manager-Director, Naomi Ruth Bread of Life Orphan Centers

Darlene and Henry Matarrita
Directors, World Mission Outreach