A double birthday celebration for Vaileth (21) and Stela (13). It’s always a pleasure to celebrate the precious lives of all our children! Both Stela and Vaileth’s caregivers came, including a few of our neighbors. In our normal center’s tradition the children shared Bible verses with Stela and Vaileth. To Jesus be the glory for the plans He has for these young women!

Please continue to pray for these students who are at a private school. Yustar is in form 1 and is a day student. All the other students are boarding. Cairo and Rehema are in form 2. Sarafina (wearing the white jacket) is in form four; these three students will be sitting national exams this year. Sikujua and Kelvin are in form five.

The boarding students come to the center once a month, to provide us with an update how their studies are progressing and what their prayer needs are. Here all these students are sharing what subjects they enjoy and which ones they are finding difficult.