Dear Sponsors
Blessings in Jesus!
We thank God for all our sponsors’ support through finance and prayers! Thank you for the important role you havein Sekela and our children’s lives and the impact your support is having on them and on the center! We continue to pray for you on a regular basis.


Last month was a busy one, with Henry, Darlene, Allie & Carina (from the States)and Pastor Piniel (from Arusha), visiting the Mbeya region and undertaking Bible seminars and evangelistic outreaches. Our children were part of a three-day evangelistic outreach near the center and had been practicing for the last few months, action songs and sharing the Gospel. Three of our male students (Dicksoni, Emmanuel& Kelvin) shared the Gospel, either before Henry preached or after he preached. To Jesus be the glory for what He is doing in and through our children! Our children are passionate lovers of Jesus and desire for their people and all peoples, to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior! We give God thanks and praise for the adults and children who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior during the evangelistic outreach!

The day before Henry, Darlene, Allie, Carina and Pastor Piniel were due to leave Mbeya, we celebrated Ibrahim(7) and Neema(8) birthdays including a farewell to Henry, Darlene and the team.A few of the relatives joined in the celebration and a few came specifically to greet Henry and Darlene and give thanks for raising support for the center. Henry, Darlene and each team member were prayed for by Sekela, our children and the relatives of the children.

We officially welcomed Athumani (10)and Ericki (11) to the center this last weekend, although they initially started attending the center inmid-August.The chairman of the primary school they attendhas been assisting us with the process of bringing new children to the center. The chairman and Ericki’s grandmother also attended the welcome.Enea, our nurse prayed for these precious boys.

Elizabeth & Emmanuel (at left) and Dicksoni & Hilda (at right) have now completed standard seven, their last year of primary school and yesterday they started pre-form one tuition. They will undertake tuition until 23 December 2017 and in January 2018, they will start form one or first year of secondary school.There are several factors that will depend on which school they will study at from next year. Please pray for God’s favour upon these students and that they will be determined to study hard.


Vaileth (at left) who is currently on vacation and will start her second year studying a Bachelor of Education at the end of this month, has agreed to provide additional tuition to Elizabeth, Emmanuel, Dicksoni and Hilda. Vaileth, will start tomorrow a three week introductory to computer course.


Our pre-form one students and our secondary students will have an opportunity every weekend to be my translator. I will speak in English and they will translate into Kiswahili.


Prayer is pivotal to this ministry! We covet your prayers, we pray for you and we also intercede for our neighbours, the city we live in, Tanzania and the nations! We pray that all people will know the true peace that only Jesus, the prince of peace, can give.We pray for people’s salvation and for the leadership of the countries we are praying for.

Thank you so much for your support through prayers and sponsorship! Please do not underestimate the impact your support is having in the lives of Sekela, our children, their families, our neighbourhood and the wider Tanzania community! We thank God for you and would love to meet you! Please prayerfully consider coming to Tanzania and visiting us!


With sincerest thanks and blessings,

Maara Heather

General Manager-Director, Naomi Ruth Bread of Life Orphan Centers


Darlene and Henry Matarrita

Directors, World Mission Outreach