We farewelled Elina last Saturday, who is now ready to start her life as a seamstress. For 6 months this year she has been learning to sew and for 3 months she has been putting into practice her sewing skills. Elina will receive a new manual sewing machine this coming week and will be required to pay back the cost of the machine after a specified period of time. Alongside teaching our children about having a relationship with Jesus, we also teach them life skills. Elina understands that with God’s help and trusting in Him and working hard that she can repay the cost of the sewing machine. Excited for this woman as she begins her life!

Our children loved having their height checked this last weekend! They have certainly grown and praise God they are well fed and are healthy!

Yustar, 15 years old, 1st year secondary school


Hilda, 11 years old, pre-form one tuition


Emmanuel, 14 years old, pre-form one tuition


Dicksoni, 14 years old, pre-form one tuition


Elizabeth, 13 years old, pre-form one tuition


Baraka, 14 years old, standard six


Atusagile, 11 years old, standard six


Ericki, 11 years old, standard three


Skola, 10 years old, standard two


Athumani, 10 years old, standard two


Isaya, 7 years old, standard two


Ibrahim, 7 years old, nursery


Nelsoni, 5 years old, nursery