To Jesus be the glory for Kelvin, one of our students who proclaimed the Word of God, before Henry preached last month! Please check the video below in Kiswahili:

One of Our Naomi Ruth Children Proclaiming the Word of God from Darlene Matarrita on Vimeo.

Thanking God for the director of Ulambya Secondary School, here in Mbeya, Tanzania! For the past two years our secondary school students have been blessed by the director’s generosity! He has paid the school fees for up to ten of our students to attend his private school. A sponsor from NZ has contributed towards the payment of other school contributions and our center, through child sponsorship, has paid for the supplies our students needed.

The director has requested a plea for resources for his school! He would like books in English from any western country. However, practically I think it would be more advisable to donate funds, so that the necessary books can be purchased here. If you are willing to contribute towards this request, please donate using the following secured link:…/naomi-ruth-bread-of-life-orph… and under “Purpose” please select Support Naomi Ruth and under “Note” please write: For educational resources.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration!

With sincerest thanks
Maara Heather

General Manager-Director

Thanking God for Sarafina and her form four graduation yesterday! It’s been absolutely amazing to see God at work in Sarafina’s life, particularly this year as she studies for national exams. Last year Sarafina studied 8 subjects and this year took on two new subjects – Chemistry and Physics! Last month she sat a joint exam and attained division two, she was one of two students who attained division two! I believe her dependency on Jesus, her determination to succeed, her hard work and boarding at school are all key factors to her success. At the graduation Sarafina received two additional certificates, one for obtaining an A in Kiswahili and one for being disciplined. Please pray for this young woman as she undertakes national exams from 30 October – 9 November. Her future aspiration is to be a doctor.