Recently we received the results of our four standard seven student exam results. Elizabeth, Dicksoni and Emmanuel passed, unfortunately Hilda didn’t pass. Due to Elizabeth’s good grade she obtained a beautiful gown, which she absolutely adored. Dicksoni and Emmanuel both received watches, which they are happy with. Yesterday we prayed for all four students as they are currently undertaking pre-form one tuition and at this stage we don’t know what schools they will attend in January. Thank you for your prayers for these young ones.

Yesterday we prayed for Vaileth who returned to continue her university studies. It’s been an absolute delight having Vaileth, her in Mbeya for the last two months. She has helped the center in numerous ways. Thanking God for life and her dependency and reliance on Jesus. She is a humble young woman, who has a deep faith and loves Jesus. Thank you for praying for Vaileth and her studies. God bless you

Thanking God for the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of our children! Yesterday Dicksoni, Emmanuel, Elizabeth and Hilda came to the center, to participate in house to house evangelism that we scheduled to undertake with a local church. They were not aware that we rescheduled it for another day. Thanking God for those who support our center through prayers, that is making a difference in the lives of our children and the community we are a part of. God bless you!