10 January 2018
“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you,
you also should love another. By this everyone will know that you are my
disciples if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35
Dear Sponsors
Blessings in Jesus!
We are extremely thankful to all our sponsors, for your support through finance and prayers! Please know that we do not take for granted, the financial sacrifice many of you make to support our children, Sekela, and the center. You are regularly in our prayers and we pray and trust that God will provide for your needs. Please know that your support is having an impact on our
children, our neighborhood and the wider community of Tanzania, not only for now but also for eternity!

Alongside house to house evangelism, last month we started an activity with the children in the neighborhood. The intention is once a month to undertake a different activity with the children and/or the families. We have experienced a lot of jealousy from the neighbors and we want to try and reach out to them in love. The first monthly activity went well, with various games being played at the same

time. Next activity will be our children at the center, teaching the neighborhood children one of their songs from their CD they recorded in 2016. Please pray for these monthly activities, our neighbors will see the love of Jesus and they will have an encounter with the living God!
We had a great time celebrating Sekela’s life and were extremely blessed to have her mother, one of her
sisters and other relatives join in Sekela’s birthday party! A few of the caregivers of our children also
celebrated with us.Our children wrote a song for Sekela and me, they sung and danced and shared Scripture verses with Sekela. I shared a message about Sekela and how God has blessed a widow, whose dependency is on God alone! I thank God for this woman who started the center over 11 years, who opened her home and heart to the orphans in her neighborhood!

Our children were very happy to receive their Christmas gifts early! I gave them their gifts after Sekela’s birthday. Here is a video link of our children, thanking you their sponsors for their Christmas gifts:https://vimeo.com/248708821

Our children had lots of fun celebrating Atusagile’s 12th birthday at the end of last month.For her gift she received a pair ofdress shoess and a polar t-shirt.
Normally our children only receive food when they come to the center. As we didn’t celebrate New Year’s day together ,Sekela and I decided to gift every child and their caregiver with a small bag of rice, so they could celebrate New Year’s day as a family. Most of the caregivers of our children came to the center to collect their bag of rice. The caregivers were rather overwhelmed with God’s love and generosity to them, for this small bag of rice they received. Many of the caregivers are widowed woman, who
have very little and are struggling to make ends meet.Thank you for your sponsorship that is making a difference in the lives of our children and their givers!
We are still in the process of inviting new children to the center. We were hoping two new children would have entered the center last month but due to several issues, they were unable to obtain the documentation we require. Please pray for this process and that we will be able to have two new children join the center this month.
Our children returned to school this week! We have four new secondary school students and two of our youngest children have started primary school. More details about schooling in our next update. Please pray for our children and their studies.
Thank you so much for your support through prayers and sponsorship! Please do not under-estimate the
impact your support is having in the lives of Sekela, our children, their families, our neighbourhood and the wider Tanzania community!
We thank God for you and would love to meet you! Please prayerfully consider coming to Tanzania and
visiting us!
For weekly updates and to see what God is doing at the center, please view our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/naomiruthorphancenters or our website www.naomiruth.org .
With sincerest gratitude and blessings
Maara Heather
General Manager