Thanking God for our board members! Particularly Pastor Reuben Benson of Living Waters, Mbeya, who came on Saturday to meet with a few of the caregivers of our children. He shared with us an encouraging message and then we all prayed for him, his wife and family and their church.

After their first week back at school, our children were providing us with an update. They shared with us what class they are in, how many subjects they are studying and how we can pray for them. Afterwards they were placed in pairs and prayed for each other.

Our two youngest children have started primary school. Three of our older primary students are in their last year of primary school and God willing will be studying at secondary school next year. Four of our students started secondary school this year.

Please pray for all our students.


Neema (7) in standard 3


Ibrahim (7) started standard one


Cairo (16) in form 3


Dicksoni (13), 1st year secondary school


Baraka (15), standard 7 last year of primary school


Athumani (10) in standard 3


Stela (13) in standard 7, last year of primary school


Yusufu (7) in standard two