This week Kelvin & Sikujua have entered form 6 or sixth year secondary school. Providing they do extremely well this year, they will enter university next year. They understand that they will need to study extremely hard. Both students are boarding. Kelvin desires to be a police officer and Sikujua a teacher. Your prayers for them and their studies would be gratefully appreciated!

Sarafina is due to study in form 5 or fifth year secondary school. She was due to attend a private school on Monday, however, due to certain events we are now waiting to see if she can study at another school. Sarafina desires to be a doctor. Based on her exam results last year, she maybe able to study chemistry, biology and geography. Since March this year she has been studying these subjects at a tution center. We are waiting to see whether the office of education will allow her to change her subjects. The meeting with the office of education is next Monday morning. Your prayers for this young woman would be most appreciated!