Update June 29, 2019

An absolute delight to see Ibu happy with his gift from his pre-school sponsors! He is happy too, to share his gift with Nelsoni and Yusufu! www.naomiruth.org  

Update June 26, 2019

We thank God for Secilia, who previously worked at the center nearly three years ago and is stepping in as a social worker/nurse, while our current social worker/nurse is on long term leave. www.naomiruth.org

Update June 21, 2019

Blessed beyond words! Sekela and two of the caregivers of our children, totally took me (Maara) by surprise, at our recent birthday celebration! They gifted me with a beautiful piece of material. Praise God for His love expressed through these ladies!...

Update June 17, 2019

Thanking God for all our board members who support our center in different ways! Recently we were blessed by Pastor Cones who came and celebrated with us. She shared with passion, the parable of the great banquet as outlined in the book of Matthew 22:1-14...

Update June 14, 2019

We love having visitors at the center! Thank you Kara for coming to visit us and for being our photographer, at our birthday party celebration! God bless you! www.naomiruth.org