Wow what an amazing day celebrating one of our precious children! Today we celebrated Neema’s 10th birthday! She looked like a beautiful princess! We thank God for her life and God’s grace unto her! Neema’s name means “Grace”.

We thank God for her sponsors, who provide support through finances and prayers! God bless you!

An extremely blessed day celebrating two of our youngest children! Ibu is now nine years old and looked extremely smart in his suit!

We thank God for his sponsors who provide support through finances and prayers! Amongst his sponsors he has a group of pre-school children who are sponsoring him and who sent additional funds to buy additional gifts for Ibu’s birthday! Ibu was surprisingly shy at all the attention he received!

What a blessing it is to celebrate our children’s birthdays together! It’s such a privilege and joy to celebrate these little ones and their lives. It’s amazing to see them grow, not only physically but in their personalities and in other ways. We thank God for the purposes and plans He has for their lives. To God be the glory for all He has done, is doing and will do!