Dear friends, sponsors and potential sponsors!

We thank God for all those who support our center through sponsorship, finances and prayers!

However, we have a need that is not covered by regular sponsorship. Please we seek your assistance! Five years ago we installed a roof over our courtyard, that has been an absolutely blessing. We use our courtyard for our main activities and the multi-purpose room for eating, praying, teaching etc.

Unfortunately due to wear and tear the roofing has deteriorated and needs replacing:( We are now in the rainy season and it’s proving to be a challenge for us to utilise the courtyard as we would normally. We are having to place containers to catch the water coming through the cracks.

Photos shown are prior to when we had no roofing; to when the roofing was installed and now to our current situation.

We need approximately $400 USD to have the roof over our courtyard fixed. Please would you consider assisting us to meet this need?

Thank you for your thoughtful and/or prayerful consideration.

Yours sincerely

Maara Heather
General Manager-Director
Naomi Ruth Bread of Life Orphan Centers

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