We thank God for His provision, all of our students who are studying at Ulambya High School are now boarding! Emmanuel who is studying form 3 or third year secondary school, is our last student from Ulambya High School who has gone boarding. We now have a total of 7 students boarding and studying at a private school. We thank God for all our sponsors who provide sponsorship! God bless you all!

Here Cairo is presenting Emmanuel with a few items to go boarding and is providing Emmanuel with advice.


We praise God for His goodness and faithfulness unto our students! Elizabeth and Emmanuel achieved excellent exam results in November last year and were rewarded with new clothes which they chose. They were given advice by our older students, and received Scripture verses from our other children and they were both prayed for and for their studies this year.

They are now in form 3 or third year secondary school. Both students aspire to be doctors. Please pray for them and their studies.

We thank God for their sponsors that allow them to study and board at a private school! God bless you all!