We thank God for the privilege for seven of our students this year to study and board at a private school. We thank Him for His provision through the director of the school, who is paying for the school fees and for our sponsors who are paying for other costs.

We thank God for the principal of the school who has approved for our children to return to the center once a month for the weekend only. Normally we wouldn’t see our children until their vacation times.

We love it when all our children are together! For our boarding students to attend the center once a month, is a great opportunity for them to be ministered to. We hear how they are progressing at school, any issues they maybe facing, what their needs and prayer requests are. We have an amazing opportunity to be able to provide them with wise counsel and to pray for them.

We thank God for our children who are known for their keenness to study and for some of them, their excellent exam results.

Thank you to all our sponsors for your support through prayers and sponsorship! Your support is making a difference in the lives of our children! God bless you all!