We thank God for His goodness and faithfulness! Praise God Sarafina performed well in her form six national exams in July 2020! Recently we obtained her exam results and she performed extremely well. Sarafina obtained division one point nine and was the only student at her school who obtained division one! Sarafina is in the process of applying to the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), she intends to study a Bachelor of Arts with Geography and Environmental Studies. In Tanzania UDSM is the only university that offers this specific program. Please pray for God’s continued favour upon Sarafina and her studies.

We thank God for Sarafina’s sponsors who are providing finances and are praying for her! God bless you all!

We praise God for the opportunities to teach and develop our children. Our older students have been given the opportunity to share with us a five minute message from the Bible. The topics are based on issues they have identified. At the end of their message, they will answer any questions presented to them and our other children will share what they learned from the message.
We thank God for Sarafina who recently shared with passion a message on respect and obedience and we thank God for Baraka’s message on cleanliness and having a clean heart. We praise God for the Scripture verses Sarafina and Baraka shared and for God’s Word teaching, rebuking, correcting and training us in righteousness.