We thank God for His provision for our private boarding school students! This week five of our students resumed their studies.
Cairo is continuing with form five. God willing Dicksoni will pass form two national exams (undertaken last year) and will be able to proceed with form three this year. Elizabeth & Emmanuel are undertaking form four national exams this year, these are very important exams that will determine if they can progress to A level studies in July 2022. Thank you for your prayers for our young people and their studies. God bless you all!
We thank God for Ruteli’s life, late last year she started form one or first year secondary school. She has been struggling in adjusting to a private school. Please pray for her and her studies, specifically to adjusting well to being at a private school. We thank God for her sponsors that give Ruteli the privilege to study and board at a private school. God bless you all!
We thank God for Rehema’s life and the plans He has for her! It’s been an absolute pleasure to have Rehema with us over the last two weeks. Her presence was a joy and her leadership is a pleasure to see. We farewelled her last weekend and now she has returned to resume her form five studies at a government boarding school. God willing we will see her in June, after she completes form five A level studies. She aspires to be a doctor. Thank you for your prayers for Rehema. We thank God for all her sponsors who enable her to study and board at a government school. God bless you all!