We give God all the glory due His Name! Recently Elizabeth & Emmanuel had their form four graduation celebration.
We praise God for His faithfulness and how He is helping Elizabeth in her studies! Elizabeth obtained four certificates – for Physics, Mathematics, Discipline and completing form four! She was also given the privilege of reading the form four student’s address to the main guest, the mayor of Mbeya city.
Our center also received a certificate for good cooperation as a parent with the school. We give God all the glory due His Name!
Sarafina who is now in her second year of university, was given the privilege to provide a speech on behalf of the manager of our center and our center. Sarafina previously studied at this private school, for four years.
Both Elizabeth & Emmanuel are due to undertake national exams from 15 November – 26 November 2021. Please pray for them and their exams. The results of the exams will determine if they will proceed to A level next year and whether they will study science or art subjects. They both aspire to be doctors and will need to do well in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
We thank God for their sponsors support, through prayers and finances; that enable them to study and board at a private boarding school! God bless you all!