A shout out to our female staff: Elibia our assistant manager, Enea our social worker/nurse, Sarafina assisting with admin and cooking and Vaileth our receptionist/center assistant.

We thank God for these precious women, the talents they have, the work they undertake and their commitment to God and our ministry! May God continue to use these young women mightly for His purposes and for His glory and honor!

We praise God for Sarafina and Vaileth, who were previously both our youth at the center.
We are so proud of Sarafina who finished her degree in July 2023, she now has a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies. Currently she is assisting us and in the future she is hoping to work in the field of her studies.

We are proud of Vaileth too, who completed her Bachelor of Arts with Education in July 2019 and agreed to work for us from September 2021.

It brings us much joy to see our youth progressing well with their studies and taking the opportunity to give back to the center. To Jesus be the glory!