A shout out to our male staff members! We thank God for Elisha, our Bible teacher, Ndele one of our guards, Uyole and Zuberi our farmers and our guards! We thank God for their talents and the work they carry out at the center!

We praise God for Elisha and the work he is doing within the community, since he started in October 2023! Every weekend children from two villages and surrounding areas are playing on a sports field. Elisha is leading them in different types of games and is teaching them the Bible. He visits children who are pasturers and are not attending school, he encourages them to study and He is teaching them the Bible too. Once a week Elisha is teaching children at a primary school and secondary school, during their religion session. He has received positive feedback from the community regarding the work he is undertaking. We give God all the glory for what He is doing through Elisha and the children in the community!